// Baby Wash cloths//

Simple tutorial for these 8x8 baby wash cloths made from flannel.

The original Link to find the tutorial

I made 38 of them with flannel I had on hand. I posted all of them on my Facebook site, I’d like to sell them at an upcoming craft fair.

Here’s a few that I made…some are sets and some coordinate, others are 1 of  kind

I enjoyed making these. 

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// Sewing to Clean//

I’ve been out of Swiffer refills for about a week, I’ve been to the store at least a half dozen times and even though they were on the list…still forgotten. Tonight I remembered, I saw this Pinterest idea about making your own and hey, I had fleece and thread.

The original picture is lovely and colorful!  The link to the instructions was awful.


I tried to follow the instructions and it was a fail..not epic, but not acceptable.

image  image

I then took another look at the original picture and decided to just wing it.

Here are my pictures and yes, it works!

image image


(notice the dust) I was excited!

my easy instructions were quickly written on the back of a business card. I’ll be making more.


// Project #2 Christmas Shirt//

Pinned 8 days ago and immediately fell in love.  I have cut the ribbon and chose my button.  I need to buy the shirt.  Let’s see how long this one takes me.

My Pinterest Link

11/20 Sent my hubby to Walmart to pick up a tshirt, he got distracted and came home with nothing :( Oh well, maybe I’ll stop and pick one up at Joann’s or Walmart on my way home tomorrow.  I really want to have this done by Dec 1…that’s my goal.

12/3 purchased and washed the shirt…my daughter chose black.  I will most like finish this long awaited project tomorrow!  Pretty excited actually :)

12/4 Well here it is…finished product.  I think it turned out really great!

// Project #1 TV Tray Pressing Table//

Pinned 8 weeks ago and I made my version approx a month ago.

My Pinterest Link 

The original tutorial has the top stapled on, but I wanted to put my own spin on it.  

I made it with a drawstring to tie onto the tray table (table can still be used as intended) and I can also use it flat on a table top. 

I am always pinning sewing and craft projects...these are the ones I actually do!